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Service Scope

  • Translation
  • Document-sealing
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Accompanying Interpretation
  • Dubbing & Subtitling


That is, written text translation, which can be in various formats of documents such as Word, Excel and PDF, etc. Our company has already completed orders of hundreds of millions of Chinese characters from customers all over the world, involving nearly a hundred kinds of languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and German, etc.

The translation work can be divided by professional field in to following categories: Law, machinery, literature, architecture, business, finance, shipping, electricity, steel, nuclear power, locomotives, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, water conservancy, medicine, online games, sports, etc.


We are a translation company with qualifications and registered with local Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Any document stamped with our official seal will be legal and valid, such as passport, visa, diploma, degree certificate, transcript, etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation, also known as simultaneous translation or simultaneous oral interpretation is an interpreting method in which an interpreter continuously interprets his speech to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. The interpreter sits in a soundproof interpreting room (commonly known as the "Chamber") with a special simultaneous interpretation device. While listening to the continuous speech of the source language speaker by the headphones, he/she speaks to the microphone in the target language into which all information and contents of the source language speaker have been accurately and completely translated almost simultaneously, and the interpreted language is output through the microphone. The conventioneer in need of the interpretation service can use the receiving device to tune to the language channel they need and listen to the correspondingly translated language output from the headphones.

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly difficult inter-lingual conversion activity that is strictly limited by time. It requires translators to quickly predict, understand, and remember the source language information while listening to the source language speech. The conversion, the planning, organization, expression, monitoring and correction of the target language, synchronously speak the target language translation, so simultaneous interpretation is also called simultaneous interpretation.

Accompanying Interpretation

Accompanying interpreters, as the name suggests, refer to professionals who provide interpretation service as companions during business, travelling and other activities. They can work as foreign language guides, shopping escorts, travel interpreters, business interpreters, etc. Compared with simultaneous interpretation services, the difficulty and requirements for accompanying interpretation are relatively low.

Dubbing & Subtitling:

That is, to listen to the original language in the audio or video, translate and dub it, and subtitles can also be added. Such as translation, dubbing and subtitling work for foreign films, TV plays, advertising videos, etc.

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