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First, every translator masters well the basics of his/her language pairs, and each of them is professional in at least one field.

Nowadays departments and disciplines in our society have been highly subdivided. Even translators who have been engaged in a certain field for many years are not likely to have 100% accurate knowledge of all the knowledge and vocabulary involved in this field. Fortunately, the Internet Age makes it easier for us to solve this problem, such as a professional corpus, an App dictionary and so on. Therefore, when choosing a translator, we pay more attention to the translator's mastery of the language than to the professional field.

Secondly, the translator reserve is large enough to ensure that translation capacity is sufficient for large projects or expedited documents.

Thirdly, the rigorous workflow ensures translation efficiency and quality.

The general process is: document pre-processing- terminology unification - distribution of the document according to translator's expertise - work scheduling - review by expert translator - professional typesetting

Fourthly, build and manage corpora for long-term customers to improve the translation speed of subsequent documents and uniform degree of terminology, and even improve the long-standing confusion of some customers in the use of terminology.

Finally, lifetime after-sales service. With stable workplace and full-time translators, at any time our company can solve the problems encountered by customers.




同声传译,简称同传(Simultaneous Interpretation),又称同声翻译、同步口译。同传是译员在不打断讲话者演讲的情况下,不停地将其讲话内容传译给听众的一种口译方式。口译员利用专门的同声传译设备,坐在隔音的同传室,俗称"箱子"里,一面通过耳机收听源语发言人连续不断的讲话,一面几乎同步地对着话筒把讲话人所表达的全部信息内容准确、完整地翻译成目的语,其译语输出通过话筒输送。需要传译服务的与会者,可以通过接收装置,调到自己所需的语言频道,从耳机中收听相应的译语输出。同声传译是一种受时间严格限制难度极高的语际转换活动,它要求译员在听辨源语讲话的同时,借助已有的主题知识迅速完成对源语信息的预测、理解、记忆、转换和目的语的计划、组织、表达、监听与修正,同步说出目的语译文,因此同声传译又叫同步口译。





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