PerFe believes, the quality of the translation service depends on following points:

First, the translator's degree of understanding of each word and grammar in his/her language pairs, and this mainly comes from the accumulation in practice;

Second, the translator's scope of knowledge, that is, his/her degree of mastery of different disciplines determines the accuracy of the logical expression in the translation work, which is usually determined by the educational background of the translator,as well as the fields involved in his working experience;

Thirdly, how proficient the translator is in applying the translation norms, translation skills and supporting software.

Finally, how much emphasis the translator lays on the job. The Chinese characters "魄非" reflects the translator's self-cultivation and spiritual pursuit. Only with all these four points can the requirements of "Faithfulness," "Expressiveness," and "Elegance" be met.

In summary, "Manpower-oriented and give full play to the subjective initiative of translator; Improve the work efficiency with supporting tools." is the basic principle of our work.

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